• Make-up and fashion trendsetter, Aisha Rokovsky, ständiges jury member of the German Make-up Championship in Munich and as a jury member in Dubai 2021 at the World Award Make-up with the “LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD -MAKEUP ARTIST”
  • Magister in Sportwissenschaften
  • Entertainment Consultant for Hapag Llyod Cruises MS Europa, MS Europa 2 and Queen Mary
  • Since 1998 until today consulting company for communication: seminars and lectures for companies, specific women's seminars
  • Founder of my own fashion and event company mit and mannequin school in Munich,  model training: planning and realization of over 500 fashion shows in Germany and abroad with headquarters in Munich

Why TheONE?

,,Es ist meine Berufung Frauen zu Unterstützen, ich bin Aisha Rokovsky internationale Visagistin. Sie alle haben ein grosses Potenzial!

Vor allem wie Sie diese in konkrete Ziele verwandeln und beruflich oder privat mit Hingabe und Freude verfolgen, umsetzen und mehr an sich glauben können, dass ist mir eine Herzensangelegenheit.

TheONE your perfect MATCH to success

Gives us women an incredible attraction, a sense of well-being and self-confidence, you will be perceived more confidently and successfully by those around you.

My name is Aisha Rokovsky, I am an international make-up artist, book author, coach and speaker. Many women ask me what you can do to be more attractive and confidence. Here's my secret

What is TheONE?

TheONE your perfect MATCH to success is based on two high quality natural plant stem cells, a high quality concentrated natural ingredient for women to increase attraction, attractiveness and well-being.This unique combination awakens and increases the natural production of pheromones, resulting in an increased interest in women who uses TheONE.

These high quality natural active ingredients in TheONE are designed to naturally increase physical attractiveness and interest like copulins (the natural bodily mechanism in women). The desire to ignite a multiple and to increase the male testosterone in men. (Steinbach et al.2017)

Confirmed in STUDIES: The composition in TheONE of Jasminum officinal L, concentrate increases testosterone in men (Fukui 2007) combined with Ceratonia siliqua L. mimics the copulins (Racolta et al. 2014) The perceived attractiveness and ATTRACTION of woman increases significantly..

TheONE your perfect MATCH to success enhance your inner strength and self-confidence of the woman, thereby also you are more successful in business as well as in private life, women are more sought after with TheONE, interest in you is also greatly increased.

The SECRET about TheONE

Positive reactions your ATTRACTIVITY and ATTRACTION of WOMEN increases significantly, this is dose/concentration dependent since we use 99.9% pure concentrate the EFFECTIVENESS is fully available. When using TheONE there is a feeling of well-being , a stronger ME and increased self-confidence..